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Texas Hodgepodge

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I haven't stopped sweating since I entered Texas.

The Texas humidity has cured my dry heel situation.

Texas has no rules and tons of rules.

Barely anyone uses turn signals in Texas.

The hill country of Texas is dreamy.

There are so many birds in Texas. Tons of chirping everywhere. My very own soundtrack to my Snow White.

I have a kazillion bug bites from a kazillion different types of bugs. Many of them are around my sock line, so that's neat.

I've always wanted to visit Lonesome Dove territory, and here I am! Yep. It's just as beautiful and miserable as McMurtry described. The guy knows how to set a scene.

I saw my first cardinal.

I saw my first fireflies.

I saw my first armadillo.

I saw my first redbone coon hound. OMG!! His reddish brown coloring was decadent, almost the color of cake red velvet. Shiny. He has golden brown eyes. Deep eye contact, the kind where you know his pupils are communicating with your pupils. I can't stop thinking about him.

I've waded in the Pecos River and the Rio Grande. I was not killed by snakes. (Lonesome Dove reference. Read the books.)

Who knew Texas had soooooo many wineries?

"If you don't have a flag on it, you're not a real Texan." This should be the state motto.

There are more flags in Texas than there are cattle...or wineries. Constant reminders that you're in Texas and the USA, all around. Constant. Reminders. I don't understand why folks forget what state or country they're in. Also, apparently it's real important to bring your flags and flag poles along when you're camping. (I forgot mine.) If "out-flagging" was a competition, Texas wins.

If the heat and humidity didn't indicate that I was heading into the South, I'd surely know from the increase in advertisements for food that has been turned into other food, such as Apple Pie Fries.

If God was holding a gun to my head and insisted I had to pick a city to like, I'd pick Austin.

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10 jun. 2021

I love Austin - but just to visit. The rest of Texas? meh.


29 mei 2021



29 mei 2021

When I hear Texas..I just go

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