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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Who knows anything about hooking up extra solar panels? Not me! But, Teresa at E-Trailer does.

I live with an electrician, and he is of no use to me,* even though I left my house to him in my will, I can't get jack out of him without tons of IT help-desk attitude, but he can spend forever on a remodel project, dust never ending, but the moment I need two minutes of his life, what kind of idiot am I who doesn't know a thing about hooking stuff up in series vs. parallel?

Anyhoo, Teresa at E-Trailer was a big help. She said "These are the cables you need. Hook 'em up like xyz."

Done, and I didn't have to give her anything except my credit card number, its expiration date, and secret code.

Worth it.

Thumbs up.

*Jason has kindly agreed to stay home and take care of the 5

cats, 4 renegade chickens, and Charlotte (piggers). His usefulness is extreme.

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