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Vite Ramen

Ramen seemed like a meal that would be so easy to throw together on the road, so I thought I would give Vite Ramen a swirl. Before purchasing the noodles, I read through the ingredients, and there I saw MSG. Now, I've had some bad experiences with MSG in the distant past and had given it up for two decades, but here Vite Ramen provided me a handy link to an explanation of how MSG has always gotten a bad rap and has taken the blame for other bad food ingredients. The explanation assured me that MSG is good and makes food taste yummy. I was convinced to give the noodles with their MSG a go.

I paid about $60 for the 10 packages of noodles, since I'm a grown-ass sophisticated adult who refuses to slum with the those $.10 noodles. Please.

Cutting to the review portion of the review, within 30 minutes of consuming the noodles, I was to spend an entire day on the toilet, sweating, in excruciating pain, praying for death, as what could only be shards of glass passed though my intestines. My bowels were so inflamed and irritated that they were trying their best to commit suicide by leaping to their demise from the 10th floor of a burning building, through my b-hole.

In conclusion, while very tasty indeed and quick to whip up, deadly, very deadly.

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