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ridiculous - full of swear words

On April 15, 2021, and Henry and I departed Idaho to travel across the US and back, living in and working from Stevie the RV along the way. I have a general route in mind, but I’m leaving most of the adventure open to chance and opportunity. Our timeframe is indeterminate. If you have any suggestions for places to visit, sites to see, or people to meet, I’m taking requests. Need me to stop to say hi to your grandma? I’ll do it.

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Holding Down the Fort

my people

I owe a HUGE thanks to the people who are holding down the fort while I'm gone. Much of my normal life is spent keeping my plants and critters alive and loved. If my people weren't willing to come together to take on these responsibilities, then no adventure.

I love you, my people!!




Jason is my co-resident and electrician. He has kindly agreed to do most of the caregiving while I'm gone. I'm not sure he entirely understands what he's signed up for but, too late.


truth speaker

Luna is my stepdaughter. Her dad (Jason, see above) is going to pay her to clean the house while I'm gone. (Right, Jason?) While I'm gone, she's going to keep it real. Luna is the sweetest person I know, and she always speaks the truth. "No one wants to see saggy old-man balls!" No truer words have ever been spoken.


Mom and Tom

life giver

Mom and Tom moved back to Idaho a couple of years ago from North Carolina. While mom doesn't really want me to be away, she also understands that for the sake of my soul, I must go on this adventure. Her duties include stopping by to make sure the house hasn't burned down; chatting with Charlotte and the chickens; and loving on the kitties.


the lesbian of what dwells next door

Hark! Who goes there? Formerly, "The Lesbian Who Lives Upstairs," Paula is one of my closest friends, is my closest neighbor, and although she might not know it, is the executor of my will. She'll act as back-up, when Jason needs help.


The Hunts - Crazy Cat Family

cat petters

The Hunts are my excellent neighbors, friends, and lovers of cats. They have been known to sneak over to my driveway to pet any kitties who might have stretched out there. A little creepy, but good creepy. They've agreed to continue their sneaky cat-petting efforts while I'm gone. The kitties are definitely going to need the extra lovin'.

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